Sunday, March 1, 2015

What would you like to hear about?

I would like to know what theories my audience would like to hear about. I don't want to write about something that is not going to interest anybody, I would like to write about something that is relevant and interesting. I plan to mainly write about news regarding proof that conspiracy theories are not just a giant load of steaming bullshit even though America's society would like you to think just that. I will report any conspiracy that someone comments and wants to see reported on. My goal as a blogger is to raise awareness for America's central government's lies as well as central governments in other countries that lie to their loyal subjects. I would like to put a lot of my focus on the fact that many powerful people from around the world are planning something that will control our life completely. We need to connect the dots that point to life as we know it changing in a very negative way, but I will talk about that later. Here is an off-topic idea. An organized religion, for example we will use Christianity. They believe that some spiritual being which they refer to as god, created everything and decides everything that happens to us. They also believe that a long time ago, a woman was given a child to give birth to by this god, and god choose this child to be very important. Later in his life he sacrificed himself for the human race or whatever. Then they believe that This man who sacrificed himself, was reincarnated, and they think that this will happen again as a sort of judgement day. The people that believe these things also believe that people like me are crazy and should be in a mental institution. But believing that a man came back from the dead just because it's written in a book that was written a long time ago is completely logical. The reason that we are crazy is because we believe things that are not widely believed. Soon people are going to have to face the fact that we are not just talking out of our asses. I will of course talk about this subject later, but for now please remember to comment on what you would like to see in future blogs. As always, question your government and authority figures

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