Saturday, March 14, 2015

Alien life on Earth true or false?

There really is no denying that there is intelligent life on other planets, there are billions of galaxies in the universe and it is highly unlikely that every single one of those planets are lifeless wastelands. I honestly do not think that any other planet in the milky way contains intelligent life and if there is then the beings are hiding very well. People argue that extraterrestrial beings could not make it millions and billions of light years to reach this planet. This is arguable because maybe some other planet has knowledge that greatly triumphs ours, excluding overlords of course. Also there is a good chance that on an alien planet, raw materials can be utilized much more effectively than any raw material that we have here on earth. I personally believe that there are foreign beings on this planet, and only elite members of society know about them, people such as John Cena and Barrack Obama probably know the truth about alien life. Maybe there is a country that has aliens helping them by giving them advanced technology of some kind. I also believe that there may be aliens in some sort of disguise, roaming through cities, gathering information for scientific purposes on their home planets. I will most likely touch on this topic more in the future, as usual, always question your government and authority figures.

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